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We have built LiveAgent from the ground up to scale well and to be truly universal. No matter what kind of business you are in, no matter how big your company is, LiveAgent should by its very nature deliver seamless experience. Design studio Cotswold Web is yet another showcase of how good our philosophy works in reality.

Gals and guys from Cotswold Web jumped on board in March 2016. They are currently supporting over 400 very demanding customers in 4 countries with staff of 6 agents. Working on support for web design company is a completely different story compared to e-shops or other kinds of e-commerce.

We are very well aware of this fact so we asked, what is specific for your support? What makes you different from your competitors? “I think the ability to reply to complex and difficult questions with knowledgeable / considered responses.” founder Richard Jaques told us.

Going through tough customer assignments and providing complex yet understandable replies is no easy task. However, support team is still able to solve nearly 600 tickets per month. Quantity is one thing, but what about quality? Cotswold Web is clearly up to something with customer satisfaction level over 98%. Respect!

LiveAgent is not a first help desk software they have been using throughout Cotswoldweb’s existence. Company decided to migrate to our solution from HelpScout. Why have they chosen to do so?

“We have much more flexibility at way lower costs. A win / win! – said Richard Jaques.”

“Having live chat as well as ticketing in one product is excellent, also the ease of set up was matched with an excellent level of configuration options. Normally these 2 things do not go hand in hand, I think the level of maturity of LiveAgemt is impressive.” he added. Once again we have a reason to be proud and even more devoted to our customers.

And what features do they like the most?

“We love the ability to create templates so easily. Also, as a manager, it is very useful to easily restrict access depending on department. We do use the “gamification“, competing to get badges for “Inspector” etc. Fun stuff :)“

LiveAgent is aiming to be easy to use and to feel very natural. According to what Cotswold Web has told us, we did a good job. Has LiveAgent improved your customer support? “YES – tickets do not look like tickets in LiveAgent. Responses look like normal emails and for us this is very important as LiveAgent can be used for sales and support.” said Richard. What about feedback from your support team? “That this is the best ticketing and chat system we have used.”

“We saw a large supplier using LiveAgent and thought if they are using it then it must be good. We started trialling the software and found it to be a very mature product compared to others we have used. Hugely impressed and the cost made it a complete deal.”

When choosing a new help desk software, Managers of Cotswold Web did their homework. “We have tried to varying levels from trial to over 6 months useage across the entire team the below software: Help Scout, Zendesk, Teamwork Desk and Freshdesk. All of the above are good but do not come close to LiveAgent for reasons including:

  • software maturity
  • software depth
  • ease of use
  • cost

 We agree all the way.

Richard Jaques – Founder @ Costwold Web

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